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October 4, 2018

September 13, 2018

August 24, 2018

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Get your Girl Gang. When trying something new or participating in a sport that is predominantly male-dominated, it is amazing what a little girl power can do. Even if your friend just wants to hang by your side and watch it's a boost of confidence to know that they're...

I paused and looked around. I was surrounded by mountains covered in quilts of green. The sky was melting down towards the earth, gently tucking it in. And there I was in the center. Standing on asphalt with shoots of grass pushing through cracks, demanding that their...

Mother's Day morning wasn't breakfast in bed and flowers - it was skateboards and dogs. My parents have always supported me and encouraged me to spend time doing what I love and even on Mother's Day my mom was doing just that.

I was absolutely stoked about my new Carver...

Last week I welcomed the newest edition to my Hamboard Family- the 6'6" Classic. This board makes it easy to cross-step and hang ten, making it feel like I'm really surfing. The pavement has turned into one long wave that only ends when I am tired.

The largest board I h...

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