May 18 - 21 I will be partnering with @Strathmeresurfshack to bring you a yoga, surf, skate getaway in Strathmere, NJ. This getaway will take place at a surfer's dream cottage, the Short Board House.


Strathmere, NJ

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Experience surfing on the pave.

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A small-batch skin care company 
that creates vegan products with pure, 
all natural and organic ingredients.

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A grassroots apparel company fueled by the craft and calling of women who draw their own line.

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La Bamba NYC exists to inspire every woman, at any level, to get out and surf. We believe surf culture needs more stories of diverse, multidimensional women exercising their power in and out of the ocean. So we're starting with a wetsuit that goes against tradition, for women who do the same.

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At Jacto, we set out to help reverse this problem with our original line of hand-crafted jewelry. By repurposing discarded skin and bone from the seafood we consume into eye-catching pieces, Jacto breathes new life, style and value into what the sea provides.

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Astray is powered by people who find themselves lifting others up after it is all said and done. The ones who go against the current. The ones people count on to show up.

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This is for the Women is a 100% made in USA media and apparel brand who’s why is to empower women in this world to take up space, exist as they are with confident fire, and to walk tall like an old cypress tree.

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Can Can Cocktails is a unique start up out of Sacramento, California.  Artist and Bartender, Ryan Seng, is mixing his passions of a great drink and great art into a can.  Can Can Cocktails are made with innovative and natural ingredients that are sourced locally from the produce isle of the world, the Sacramento Valley, then perfectly mixed with premium spirits and a little effervesce.

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Blue Seaciety is more than just a brand. It is a space to connect, and a community that bridges others through the celebration of a simplistic life of living by the water. Water has the most incredible and mysterious ways of impacting our lives and minds making us happier and healthier.

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Women That Rock is a music curation & discovery platform that is dedicated to promoting and supporting the best up-and-coming women in music. WTR will be hooking up the gals at The Short Board house with a special live performance by badass female indie rock artist Diane Jean of the band Clever Girls.

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Beverages from cascara, dried coffee fruit, once waste, now upcycled!

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Evergreen Summer is an eco-friendly greeting card brand inspired by the freedom of summer and life at the beach. We make summer last all year round with bright, beautiful cards for every occasion.

There’s a freedom that comes from the ocean, the sun, the warm wind. We find our happiness in those moments where we’re miles away from the daily grind. It’s a feeling we all want to capture. And that’s our goal: to supply you with handcrafted designs that bring the energy of summer, all year long. To give you a reason to smile or send a little sunshine to a friend. To live life by a simple rule. You don’t have to be near the sea to smell the salty air. 

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Meet Kristen!

Skate Coach & Photographer

Kristen inspires girls to skateboard and works with LA based @grlswirl to bring femininity to skateboarding. Kristen attended the YSS retreat last year and is excited to explore the local skateparks near Strathmere, Ocean city, and beyond with this group!  She will also be behind the lens as she captures moments both on and off the boards!

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Meet Katie!

Katie  routinely teaches a Yin-style class, where her students are set up into restorative postures and relax for several minutes in each posture. During that time Katie gives assists and guides everyone through a meditation. 
Katie will be bringing a Mindful Eating session to the retreat, where you will have the opportunity to learn about your current eating habits as well as how to start incorporating a mindfulness practice around food (while eating some really awesome food!).

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Meet Diane Jean!

We are so happy to be having Diane (of band, Clever Girls) join the retreat this year as well as perform for us at The Short Board House.



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Meet Nick Cook!

Nick is a co-founder of Dunebird, manufacturing terry towel pullovers for surf enthusiasts. He is also a singer-songwriter based out of Brooklyn. Combining his love for all things beach and music, you can hear him playing the Pina Colada song on his surf green guitar. He's excited to be performing at YSS for the second year, and fully supports the mission to empower women through these types of community events. #aqualeisure


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