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Pineapples have taken the fashion world and food market by storm. This super trendy fruit can be seen on everything from a tee shirt to a necklace and are a key ingredient in acai bowls and smoothies everywhere. But it seems pineapples have more to offer than their cute shape and nutritional value. Piñatex tapped into this versatile fruit’s other assets to create an eco-friendly, sustainable leather


Piñatex is using the fibers of the pineapple leaves that would otherwise go to waste. This means that there is no additional farming involved to source the materials. Pineapple farmers are also able to earn additional income from harvesting and selling the leaves of the pineapples. Claire Mueller, Communications and Social Media Manager  at Piñatex jokes, “No pineapples are harmed in the making of Piñatex.” She went on to explain the inspiration behind the product. “Dr. Carmen Hijosa, the developer of Piñatex, worked in the leather accessories industry for many years. While consulting in the Philippines and seeing the great environmental and ethical impact of leather production she was compelled to find a better option, and set about researching alternative materials.” Animal and environment friendly, this pineapple leather can create peace of mind for brands that are striving to become more conscious of the planet and its’ creatures.


One thing I needed to know is how the feel differs from traditional “genuine leather”. Claire explained, “Piñatex has a handle not unlike a mid-weight textured leather. The surface is not completely smooth, as a heavy, full-grain tanned leather is, but has a light texture.” This light textured pineapple born leather is in demand regardless of these differences, so I can only assume that it has a similar (or better) feel. “Piñatex is currently being utilised by select independent designers across the world, including Rombaut (sneakers), Nae Vegan (footwear) , Maravillas (bags), Alexandra K (bags), TimeIVchange (watches), and are in discussion with many larger brands - but they are on the downlow for now!”


For this animal and eco-friendly brand we can only wish the best. With growing awareness of global warming and animal cruelty, Piñatex is taking action and working towards a better future.






Photo Credit: Photos showing the harvest in the Philippines are taken by B. Blanco for Ananas Anam, all other photos have been supplied by Ananas Anam.


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